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Election Day 2020 – An Extremely Important Election!

Hello Gold Star Revolution Squad, and welcome to Tune Up Tuesday!

Today will go down as SUCH an important day in American history! Yes, it's Election Day 2020!!

Today we will collectively decide whether we will keep the country headed down the same path or whether we will take it in a completely different direction. I think that our children and our children's children will look back on today as being of the most significant days of the 21st century.

Based on how 2020 has been going, it would be easy and understandable to be frustrated with what is happening in the world right now, to think that nothing we do is going to make any kind of discernible difference. To think that we can just skip voting, and it won't matter.

But we need to fight against those tendencies, those feelings of hopelessness and despair. We need to stand up and do the right thing, simply because we know it's the right thing to do. And today, the right thing to do is to cast an informed vote.

Voting is one of the linchpins of our democracy, and the continuation of a peaceful and orderly society depends on it. Many people have died over the years defending our right to vote. It is a privilege, one that should not be taken for granted.

It is easy to think that your vote doesn't matter. But it does matter, regardless of whether your candidate wins or not, and regardless of whether your vote has any significant impact or not.

It matters because it says something about you, about your character. It says something about what you believe in. Do you believe in American society? Do you believe in the democractic process? Voting is something that is in your control, and it is an action you can take to show who and what you stand for.

Your character is formed by each and every decision you make, the big ones and the small ones alike. Others may never know what you have or haven't done, but you will know. Will you be someone that you can be proud of?

Regardless of what happens, a day like today provides us with a great opportunity to reflect on our values and what's important to us. We can also take some time to appreciate the incredible gift of the right to vote that we we have been given by our country's forefathers.

If you have already voted in this election, or if you vote today, you deserve a gold star, and you have definitely earned my respect! I am wishing you strength and a peaceful mindset on this incredibly important day.

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