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Good News & Positive Vibes

Hello Gold Star Revolution Squad! Welcome to #TuneUpTuesday!

We can all use some motivation from time to time! Being in a good mood can help us notice gold star behavior in ourselves and others and can inspire us to engage in appreciation openly and more often.

To assist you in getting into a good frame of mind, I thought it would be fun to share some stories with good news and positive vibes! I am hoping that there will be a little something for everyone here!

I am thinking about making this a semi-regular Gold Star Revolution blog feature, so if you enjoy these stories, please let me know in the comments! #PositiveVibes #GoodNews

The Highlight Pro Skydiving team, an elite team of all-female skydivers, deserves a gold star for taking this year to the skies to celebrate 100 years of women's right to vote! #suffrage100 #19thamendment

Crayola deserves a gold star for creating new packs of crayons to reflect the world's skin tones! #diversityandinclusion

Ohio newlyweds who this past summer turned their canceled reception into an act of service by donating their reception food to a local women's shelter definitely deserve an appreciation award!

Seagrass is again flourishing in Virginia’s seaside bays as a result of a restoration project led by scientists at the University of Virginia and other institutions.

Stumpy the Labrador surely deserves a gold star (and some yummy treats!) for saving the lives of over 120 dogs through his donations of blood. Be sure to check out his heartwarming story he is SO cute!

I think that everyone loves feel good animal stories! So here's another one about a goat forming an adorable friendship with a disabled duck.

The Kindness Rocks Project has the simple but awesome mission of promoting random acts of kindness to unsuspecting recipients by painting and sharing inspirational rocks. One message at just the right moment can change someones entire day, outlook, or life! #kindnessrocks and

Everyone who was a part of these stories deserves a Gold Star Award! And all of you deserve a gold star just for being who you are!

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