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Star of the Week: Cindy!

Hello Gold Star Revolution Squad and welcome to Gold Star Friday! If you have been here before, you know that it's time to announce our Star of the Week!

Future Stars of the Week will be chosen from reader nominations!  But since we are at the beginning of this project, I will be the one nominating our Friday Star of the Week until the time when nominations from readers start to roll in.  

Please send me your nominations, and please see the end of this post for more details on how to do that!  All recipients of the Star of the Week award who live in the US are eligible to receive a free gift from my Gold Star Award Winner collection** on Zazzle!

This week's Star is my dear friend Cindy! It is interesting that Cindy follows immediately after Rachel as Star of the Week. I met Cindy in a very similar fashion to how I met Rachel, and, also similarly to Rachel, I remember exactly when I met Cindy.

I met Cindy on September 11, 2016. At the time, I was running a girlfriends’ group, but it was not the Meetup group that I was running when I met Rachel. The Meetup group didn't work out, and I was still feeling socially isolated, so I decided to start a different friendship group through another organization.

Cindy came to one of my meetings that was held at a local coffee house, and I am lucky that I met her at all! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a VERY punctual person. On the day I met Cindy, however, I was making some last-minute preparations to leave town to go on a long vacation, and I got confused about the meeting time.

So instead of being 10 minutes early to the meeting as I had planned, I actually ended up being 20 minutes late! I can only imagine what Cindy’s initial thoughts were about me when I did finally show up!!! Luckily for me, Cindy hadn’t left. She stayed and chatted with the only other person who had shown up for the meeting.

Being the generous and forgiving person that she is, Cindy did not hold my lateness against me, and she continued to attend my girlfriend events. Even though I stopped running the friendship group about nine months later, Cindy and I continued to meet regularly, and today she is one of my closest friends!

There are so many wonderful things to say about Cindy! Continuing a theme I mentioned last week, Cindy uprooted her life not all that long before I met her when she moved from Michigan to North Carolina. She moved to North Carolina because her sister lives here, but Cindy did not know anyone else in this area when she moved. I think this type of move takes a lot of courage and strength, and I admire Cindy for doing it!

Cindy is a truly generous person! Tom and I have experienced her generosity first hand when she has taken care of our cat Tiki at various times when we have gone out of town. She comes over to our house much more often than she needs to, and it is so comforting to me to know that Tiki is in such good hands when we are away!

Cindy and I have a similar dark sense of humor, so I can make jokes with her and say things to her that I would not be able to say to many other people.😁

Making plans to get together with Cindy is always a breeze because she is such an easygoing and flexible person. She is also an independent person who is happy to do her own thing regardless of what other people think, which is a quality I definitely admire!

Cindy is a fabulous listener, and she always wants to know what is going on with me. She has a great memory, so she always remembers to ask me questions about anything I mentioned during our prior meeting.

She is so interested in hearing what I have to say that sometimes I feel bad after we meet, like I have dominated the conversation and not given her enough time to talk! She draws information out of people organically and naturally, and she is genuinely interested in what is happening in other people's lives.

Cindy is such a loyal and supportive friend, and she is always enthusiastic about any ideas that I have shared with her, particularly with regard to my various business endeavors (including Gold Star Revolution!).

Without a doubt, Cindy is in my “inner circle” of friends, and I don’t know what I would do without her. I am thrilled to present this week's Star of the Week award to Cindy! Congratulations my dear friend!

Finally, it's time to "meet" our Star via photo! Another awesome thing about Cindy is that she loves to go out and do things! In fact, I realized that I don't have a single picture of just the two of us together – instead, we are always with a group of people having a good time out somewhere! The pics below were taken at separate local music festivals. So much fun! (Sorry to the friends that I cropped out of these pics!)

Please join me in congratulating Cindy as our Star of the Week!

Would you like to nominate yourself or someone you care about to be our next Star of the Week?  To read the rules about the nomination process and get more information about the free gift that U.S. winners will receive, please click here.  Then submit the Nomination Form!

**If you click through any of the links on this page and make a purchase from Zazzle, I will receive two separate commissions: one for being the designer of the product and another for referring the sale to Zazzle.

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