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Star of the Week: Debbie!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It's Friday, which means that it is time to announce our Star of the Week!

As you may know, we are still in the early days of this project, which launched almost exactly 6 months ago. Because of this, I have been the person who has been providing the vast majority of the nominations for the Star of the Week award. From the beginning, however, my hope has always been that readers would want to send in their own nominations for Star of the Week.

I am SO pleased to say that this week our Star has been chosen from a reader nomination! I am happy to announce that this week's Star of the Week is Debbie!

From now on, when our Star is chosen from a reader nomination, I think it will be fun to see the award winner right off the bat, so let's begin with a photo of our Star's smiling face!

Debbie was nominated for the award by one of her friends, and this is what Debbie's friend has to say about her:

Debbie deserves a bucket of gold stars!

It is apparent after only a few minutes of meeting Debbie that she tries to make the world better. Her picture should be in the dictionary next to the word “good-hearted.”

Debbie identifies a need and quietly steps in to help, never asking for accolades...and yet she steps into a leadership role if that is what is needed.

For example, I waited to see my mother after surgery when she broke both her arms. (!) Debbie found out that the surgery was significantly delayed and that I was the only one left in the waiting room, so she went to the hospital late at night to wait with me until my mother was able to see me. Her warmth soothed my nerves in that empty, cold room.

Debbie is one of the friendliest, most welcoming people I have ever met. She listens deeply and makes me feel truly heard. I know I can count on her if I am in need; if she can’t help me herself she makes sure someone else can.

With a more public face, Debbie led our church’s governing board during a period of great challenge with poise, hard work, and diplomacy. I never once doubted her dedication to the greater good of the church. She has held many leadership positions that required honesty, responsibility, and dedication, often behind the scenes. I am sure that I don’t know all the good deeds that Debbie does for our church.

The world is most definitely a better place with Debbie in it. She models how to be a good person.


I am so inspired by Debbie and all of her wonderful good deeds, and I am honored to feature her on the blog this week! I hope that this post will inspire you to openly appreciate the important people in your life!

I am thrilled to present this week's Star of the Week award to Debbie! Congratulations! Please join me in congratulating Debbie in the comments!

Debbie is now eligible to receive a free gift from my Gold Star Award Winner collection** on Zazzle! Either Debbie or the friend who nominated her can contact me at to claim the prize of Debbie's choice!

Would you like to nominate yourself or someone you care about to be our next Star of the Week?  To read the rules about the nomination process and get more information about the free gift that U.S. winners will receive, please click here.  Then submit the Nomination Form!

**If you click through any of the links on this page and make a purchase from Zazzle, I will receive two separate commissions: one for being the designer of the product and another for referring the sale to Zazzle.



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