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Thanksgiving: 50 Things That I Love!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Hello Gold Star Squad, and welcome to Tune Up Tuesday!

Thanksgiving is just two days away! All too often, our Thanksgiving celebrations end up being focused on the food and little else. I want to get back to the roots of this holiday by appreciating everything that is wonderful about life. I think it is a fantastic idea to celebrate and acknowledge all of the things that we are grateful for on Thanksgiving!

To do just that, I decided to make a list of things, places, events, and activities that I love. It was really fun to make this list! Some items I fell in love with recently, while other loves are long-standing.

The only criteria I had in making the list was that the items have to be something that I love right now, not something that I loved in the past but am not super thrilled about anymore.

With that in mind, here are 50 things that I love (sort of in no particular order, the ones closer to the top are nearer and dearer to my heart! 💜):

1. My husband

2. My adorable cat Tiki and all "kittens" (the term that I use to refer to all cats!) 🐈

3. My amazing friends and family and especially having deep life discussions with my friends

4. Laughing and being silly!!! 😊

5. Wine

6. Cheese

7. The color purple

8. My walking tour business

9. My Zazzle business – I love creating designs for products!

10. New Orleans

11. Boston

12. Being at the beach, and the sounds of waves crashing at the ocean

13. Cookie Monster

14. Reading a good book

15. Hugs!

16. While I am not a huge fan of either cooking or baking, I do LOVE watching cooking/baking competition shows – my favorites are Top Chef, Nailed It!, The Great British Baking Show, and Sugar Rush. Nailed It! is a hoot!!!

17. Shopping at Trader Joes and trying to find TJ the Squirrel when I am there!

18. Cute animals, real or cartoon, especially bunnies, turtles, and kittens (which I already mentioned)!

19. Looking through my photo albums

20. Ice cream, especially any flavor involving chocolate and/or peanut butter

21. Cheesy refrigerator magnets – I collect them!

22. Going out to eat

23. Pizza, just plain ol’ cheese is awesome

24. Flowers, especially pink roses, hydrangeas, delphinium, and lantana

25. Sending and receiving snail mail

26. Traveling in general – I love learning about new places, people, cultures, etc.

27. The music of Todd Snider

28. Brussels sprouts – my mom never made them when I was a kid, so I didn't try them until I was well into adulthood. I sure do love them now!

29. My 1994 Geo Prizm – her name is DD, which stands for Daisy Dixie, and she still runs great!

30. Sushi – I don't eat it very often, but it is THE reason why I think I can never become a true vegetarian

31. Singing songs that I know when they come on the radio, and singing in general, including karaoke!

32. Going on long walks (a cliché, but it’s true!!)

33. The Charlie Brown Christmas special

34. Drinking coffee in the morning

35. Big salads (it's true, I really do love salad!)

36. Playing Spider Solitaire

37. Chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate chips in general, which I often just eat right out of the bag!

38. Holly Aiken bags

39. Meditation

40. Miniature golf

41. Subways – strange, I know, but true!

42. Watching the CBS Saturday Morning Early Show – yes, I know just how unhip this is, but it's true, and it has been a favorite of mine for years, probably almost two decades now!

43. Small parties with good friends

44. Sitting on my screen porch, and I have been especially grateful for it during the pandemic because I have been able to invite friends over while remaining outside!

45. Any type of olive, but espeically kalamata olives

46. Seashells – looking for them on the beach and collecting them

47. Getting a massage

48. Being alone

49. Plastic and glass jewelry, especially rings

50. The Gold Star Revolution project and the fun of writing my new blog!!

Whew! Fifty items is a lot! 😂

It's your turn, dear readers! I would be thrilled to hear about something that brings joy to your life or something that you are particularly grateful for this Thanksgiving! No need to list 50 things, just one (or maybe even two or three?) would be awesome!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!



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