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The Power of Essential Oils

Hello Gold Star Revolution Squad! Welcome to Tune Up Tuesday!

Not every day is an ideal day for awarding gold stars to myself or to others. Sometimes I fall back into my old, ingrained habits of negativity, sometimes I truly do have a bad day, or sometimes I just don’t feel like being appreciative – there is a strange sort of comfort to wallowing in my misery!

When I am feeling like this, the first step is, of course, to be aware of the way that I am feeling. Then, I try my best to take whatever steps I can to slowly shift my mood, change my feelings, etc., no matter how small those steps might be.

One simple thing that I often use to help me make this shift is essential oils. I became heavily invested in essential oils (also known as aromatherapy) when I was in massage therapy school many years ago. Even though I am no longer a massage therapist, to this day I still use essential oils!

Essential oils are different from perfumes, air fresheners, fragrance oils, etc. Essential oils are obtained from a wide assortment of plants, which have been steam distilled or cold-pressed from flowers, fruit, bark, and roots.

Many people believe that the use of essential oils can help ease a wide assortment of ailments; easing aches, pains, and injuries, while relieving the discomforts of many health problems. Aromatherapy also acts on the central nervous system, which can help relieve depression and anxiety, reduce stress, and restore both physical and emotional wellbeing.

There are many companies that you can buy essential oils from, and they are also often sold in grocery store chains like Whole Foods, EarthFare, etc. I use the Aura Cacia brand, which is less expensive than other brands, but still produces good results.

I generally heat the oils in a diffuser, which you can generally find in the same places that you buy the essential oils. I would recommend using a metal diffuser if you can find one. Many of the diffusers you can find in stores are made at least partially of glass, and they generally crack over time due to the heat that they are subjected to.

You can use different oils to help create different moods. One of my favorites is lavender, which helps to calm and relax the nervous system. I also really like to use clary sage for times when I am feeling emotionally out of balance.

Juniper berry oil can help to energize you, and orange oil can help to brighten your mood. Peppermint is another one of my favorites, which can invigorate you and help with your mental focus. There really are so many different oils to experiment with!

So, today, I am appreciating this small step that I can take to shift my mood when I am lacking gold star motivation and energy. If you have any simple or easy mood-shifting tips that you would like to share in the comments, I would love to hear them!

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