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Welcome to the Gold Star Shop! I designed these products myself, and I am SO excited to share them with you!


I hope that they will encourage you to give out your own gold stars to the people you care about (including yourself)!


If you click on any of the links below, you will be taken to Zazzle, a third-party site. All sales are conducted through Zazzle.

The products shown are only a small sample of the Gold Star Revolution products that are available. Please check out all of the products in the Gold Star collection and the other fun items in my Zazzle store

If you click through any of the links on this page and make a purchase from Zazzle, I will receive two separate commissions: one for being the designer of the product and another for referring the sale to Zazzle.

Are there any specific products that you'd love to see a Gold Star design on? Please send your suggestions to me at I hope that you will enjoy giving out your own gold star awards! 


$6.40 + tax (per sheet of 20)

These stickers make it easy and fun to hand out your own gold star awards.  Why not order some for your kids? They'll love getting 'em!

Women's starting at $18.95 + tax

Help spread the word about the Gold Star Revolution with this cute t-shirt!  Be sure to check out the printing on the back of this shirt as well!  Various colors and styles for women, men & kids are available at different price points.

$4.85 + tax (candy included); $3.40 + tax (w/out candy)

Why not give someone you care about a personalized gold star award? Customize by adding the recipient's name. You can choose either mints or a variety of Jelly Belly jellybean flavors when you purchase this candy tin. Or buy it empty and fill with the treat of your choice!


$19.00 + tax (15 oz.)

Start each morning with the warm beverage of your choice in this Gold Star Squad Member mug!  It will help put you in a good mood so that you can give out gold stars all day long! Other mug sizes and accent colors are available at different price points.

$15.78 + tax

A gold star award for adults if there ever was one! This corkscrew is a great way to show appreciation for your best friend, your sister, or yourself!

$15.80 + tax

Let the world know that you are a proud member of the Gold Star squad with this cute tote bag! Various bag styles and accent colors available at different price points.


$3.65 + tax

This cute, colorful confetti card is a perfect addition to any birthday celebration!  Everyone deserves a birthday gold star, especially on their birthday!

$4.30 + tax

This bumper sticker is a fun and easy way to let everyone out on the road know that you are a proud member of the Gold Star squad! This design is also available as a car magnet for $7.50.

$3.95 + tax

This inspirational magnet will encourage you to be your best self! Shine on and be the star that you are! Perfect for gift giving as well! You can create your own custom messages on the magnet if desired. 

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