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I Love Flowers!

I have really been enjoying the photo posts that I have been creating recently, and so I thought it would be fun to do another one! Today my post is all about appreciating flowers!

I love flowers, even though I don’t know much about them at all. Tom will tell you that all I can really do is talk about how “pretty” the flowers are (he must grow weary of my overuse of the word “pretty”). 😂

Flowers make me feel so joyful, and I always want to spread that joy to others!

Just this past Friday, I got my picture taken at my favorite flower patch that is a couple of blocks from my house. The delphinium plants there are so incredibly beautiful!!

I take a lot of pictures of flowers, even though most of them don’t turn out very well. Occasionally I manage to take some good ones. Here are some darling little flowers that come up in our yard every spring:

We have daffodils too! I will admit that I did not take the photo below – Tom did!

We even have a mimosa tree in the back yard that produces what I like to call "Dr. Suess" flowers! The tree blooms in June every year, so it is crazy in bloom right now! Tom took this artistic photo of a lone mimosa flower:

And I absolutely love roses! A cliché, I guess, but I can't help it, I love them!! I am not a huge fan of red roses, but I love just about any other color. I can’t articulate exactly what it is that I love about them, but I can just stare at them endlessly! I am fascinated by how many petals they have, how soft they are, and how they wrap around each other so delicately.

We have a pink knockout rose bush in our front yard:

I love roses so much that, many years ago, I started buying them for myself every so often. A store in my area usually has great prices, so I can afford to splurge occasionally. I just love having roses in the house – they are so fragile and gorgeous, and because I know that they won’t last long, I really take the time to look at them and appreciate their beauty whenever I have them in the house.

But I think that my favorite flower of all time is the hydrangea! For many years I had wanted to get a hydrangea bush for the yard, and Tom's mom was nice enough to buy us one when she was here visiting a few years ago. SO super pretty!

I hope that these flower photos have brought a smile to your face today! I would love to know what your favorite flowers are and what it is that you like about them! Please let me know in the comments!

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